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We believe that buying a home or buying an office is not just a purchase or a transaction but a life-changing investment- one that will house your family, your peace of mind and your ambitions. Every aspect of this experience must be positive, and this is what we aim to give our customers. For this the loop of vision, strategy and implementation must be complete. Adopting ultra modern construction practices and encouraging sustainable development through an eco-conscious attitude go towards making contemporary spaces that are complete in every aspect. Our focus is on creating a symbolic balance of interests and delivering benefits to all stakeholders in any project- be it investors, customers, suppliers and-owners or rehabilitated tenants. Complete transparency in all our dealings is more our moral credo than just a business policy.

Kishore Pal


Mr. Kishore Pal is a reputed businessman as well as dedicated philanthropist. Apart from spearheading Oak Land Developers, he is also:

Chairman, Pal Shipping & Logistics Asia Pvt Ltd.

Designated Partner, Lachmandas Service Station, Petroleum Dealership

Ankit pal

MR ANKIT PAL, Managing Director

Mr. Ankit Pal is a dynamic personality who brings in uncompromising vision and expertise in real estate.

  • Managing Director, Pal Shipping & Logistics Asia Pvt Ltd.
  • CEO, USAP International Pvt. Ltd
  • BUSINESS HEAD, Lachmandas Service Station, Petroleum Dealership
  • Designated Partner, EXELLAR ENERGY LLP

The promoters of Oak Land Developers have been at the helm of one of India’s leading Petroleum Retail and Petroleum Supply Industry, Pal Shipping & Logistics Asia Private Limited (formerly Pal Roadways) for over 25 years. They translate their experience in professionally managing a large, Logistics company with several  tanker fleets and dealing with all Oil Marketing companies as its customers and providing Civil Contracting to these Oil Marketing Companies.

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